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  1. For Excellence, the student needs to form developed, perceptive personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence.
    This involves demonstrating understandings and expressing viewpoints that are insightful and/or original. This includes responding to links between text and self, and text and world.
    This student has independently selected and read the biography Solo by Vicki McAuley as one of the six texts required (Explanatory Note 4). The student forms a developed personal response, supported by specific details from Solo, by giving a reasoned and clear viewpoint about a person’s behaviour, supported with evidence (1).
    There is an insightful understanding and viewpoint about the author’s purpose, supported with evidence (2) and a clear and relevant link between the viewpoints about Andrew’s behaviour and the author’s purpose, supported with evidence (3).
    For a more secure Excellence, the student could develop the understanding about the tensions between individual fulfilment and social responsibility.


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